Traffic FM 88.8

Traffic Broadcast Service (popularly called Traffic FM 88.8) is the nation's first FM broadcasting channel in Bangladesh. The station is located in the Head section of Bangladesh Betar (Radio) in 31 Syed Mahbub Morshed Saroni, Agargaon, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The goal listeners for Traffic FM 88.8 would be the dwellers of Dhaka city. The channel started its broadcasting out of 26th May 2005 with aim to create awareness among the citizens of Dhaka city on visitors issues.At present the channel broadcast 14 hours programme daily around the week. The goal listeners of Traffic FM 88.8 are youths of Dhaka City. According to current population report, Dhaka is the 4th youngest city in the world taking into consideration the youth population residing in Dhaka and second the median age of the population presently is about 24 decades ago Considering both of these facts, Traffic FM is focusing on the childhood people in Dhaka city using at the age category of 18+ for 35 decades.

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