Spice FM 96.4

It was designed by Tasnim Borsha Islam, who'd always been a huge fan of tv and dancing songs. This is currently the most lively radio station broadcasting in the center of Dhaka city. Soon we'll be launching our other channels on other towns into this whole country.Our travel began on 1st September 2016 as the very urban radio channel which Bangladesh was awaiting. Our job is to market from our own community artist into the global artist that have created the market for themselves with songs. We've got the very best streaming technologies available to guarantee the songs with complete HD keep coming powerful 24/7. 96.4 SPICE FM will alter how in which the city listen to audio. The songs we play will be the mix of fantastic music with engaging characters attracted to you by gifted and smart Radio Jockey's. If you would like to escape this deadlock of the same old audio and same old articles or whether you would like to experience something new, something new from the area of audio 96.4 Spice FM is the channel you're waiting for. We're different and will not be tied to a particular genre! We hand select our tunes to guarantee they match our personality and on climate existence. In addition to 24/7 Dance Music we've got a whole slew of DJ's from across the globe. We work with a few of the significant syndication organizations to bring you large names also working with separate DJ's with most proudly being exclusive to Real Dance Radio.


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