Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM

Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM is moving and broadcasting round the country and beyond the country to collect all of the educational, precious daily basis genuine news. Their objective is to make a constructive shift in Bangladesh through precious, balanced & true news & information.Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM is the most recent bangla FM radio of Bangladesh. Its beginning formally from 2015. Fundamentally is a 24/7 online news and musical established radio station.Its broadcast news in each hour a day. An extremely talented team of RJ's are work as sponsor inside this station. They frequently organize live tv show with famous media star of bangladesh. The Most desired and also the hottest female version Naila Nayem function for a guest RJ within this radio channel. And that series has become easily the most popular radio series of Radio dhoni up to now.

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