Dhaka FM 90.4

The travel Dhaka FM 90.4 started back in 2009 when in hunt for great entertainment content services that the thought for Radio arrived in mine. It had been Pohela Boishakh 2009 if the very first live online Radio premiered. Dhaka FM 90.4 would be the first to set up a complete studio using RJs to conduct a radio station on net. They operate 20 hrs live applications catering to our listeners all around the world. It was with this intriguing experience they (really ) thought of starting FM radio channel. In December 2010 they had been the first to be granted with personal FM radio station permit amongst the 2nd stage FM license given by the Authorities. And this is the way the travel of Dhaka FM starts. To fulfill with the amusement and information need of their listeners by encouraging local culture, happenings and music. To convey with shooting, easy and friendly Bengali words together with funny demonstration.


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